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Crown kintsugi motives
crown kintsugi motives


Redefining the Design 
Quality of Home Fragrance

Designed to fit your interior aesthetic, enhances the air mood & greet your loved ones with an elegant scent.

Diffusing atomized fragrance oil into your airflow, with lighter, smaller particle ensuring the scent spreads and stay longer within the air.

inspired by the art of kintsugi, crown ties your room ambience with elegant scent
Crown fragrance diffuser with gold and black alumunium body

CROWN Diffuser

Inspired by the art of Kintsugi

fragrance can elevates the mood of a room


and Efficient

Crown have 2 options for Atomizer or diffusing head design, the AERO design with tri petal design on the top and Standard option which is smooth rounded.

No spec difference between these two types.

different designs for crown fragrance diffuser, AERO difusing head and standard version


Elegant Tones
to Fit Your Room

Featuring BloomAire iconic metalic finish, Crown offers tones that will exceptionally compliments your interior.

Crown fragrance diffuser color variant to fit your style
crown kintsugi motives
Crown timer and fragrance level, also equipped with built in batteries


Timer and
Fragrance Intensity

Charge up and ready to use, Crown diffusing sessions

are adjustable as well as the fragrance intensity level to suit your liking. Say bye to oil over-usage!

crown kintsugi motives
The elegant unique packaging, Crown stands out above the rest


Start Your Scenting
Journey Here

Crown available with fragrances oil set, diffusing elegance, elevating the ambience of your home.

Create your unique experience with scents inspired by nature.

BloomAire fragrance diffuser, the best of home fragrance
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