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  • What is BloomAire and the difference with other fragrance diffuser?
    BloomAire diffuser units uses no water or alcohol to diffuses our fragrance oil. Resulting in no dilution during diffusing process, the oil particles are lighter and spreads more evenly in the air.
  • My diffuser wont diffuse
    Power turned on, oil properly filled and it still wont diffuse? Please check if the atomizer head are blocked with dust or residue and gently clean the blockage. For maintenance, fill the bottle with 100% alcohol, then diffuse it for 30 minutes, this will keep the internal parts clean and last longer. If trouble persist, feel free to contact us and fill the form in the chat button. You can also contact us via HERE
  • Diffuser service center
    The fragrance diffuser repair will be free of charge, if the warranty is still active. If the warranty is expired, don't worry, feel free to contact us, free services for minor issues and if major parts replacement needed, our team will consult you about the cost. You can also contact us via HERE
  • Can I use different oil brands?
    BloomAire fragrance oil are designed to fit our diffusers, however, we cannot ensure the purity and elements of other brands. You can try, but we'll not be responsible for the possible damage to your diffuser.
  • Diffuser and MIST diffuser difference?
    BloomAire normal type diffuser can use both PURE & MIST oil, however MIST diffuser can only uses MIST oil due to its diffusing mechanism difference. MIST variant are generally posses a softer characteristic in their fragrance notes compared to the more pronounced PURE oil variant.
  • Fragrance oil & essential oil difference
    Fragrance oils and essential oils differ in source and composition. Essential oils are natural extracts from plants, often used for health benefits. Fragrance oils are crafted blends designed for aroma, making them ideal for fragrance diffusers. They offer a wide range of scents, including those not found in nature, making them perfect for creating unique and pleasant indoor atmospheres.
  • Why our product?
    Our diffuser specialized to spread fragrance particle as light and far as possible all with efficient oil usage. BloomAire diffusers uses no heat, alcohol, portable, with timer and health safety document for each of our fragrances, making it safer than other brands.
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